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My name is Andrea Ott, and I was born and raised in Magdeburg on the Elbe (Saxony-Anhalt). After a few years working in neonatal intensive care stations as a pediatric nurse, I went back to school to study sports physiology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, with a focus on Preventive and Restorative Physiology.

I have now been practicing for 20 years as a course designer and coach in the areas of fitness, physical rehabilitation and preventive training. In my free time I remain a person of movement through and through. Ever since I discovered Spiraldynamik® 7 years ago, my passion for its principles has not abated. Finally, questions I had asked myself my whole life received answers. Yes, there are anatomically sensible patterns of motion, and we are born with the potential to fulfill them. We carry this potential in us and can (re-)discover it at any time. And we can easily and joyfully apply it to all areas of movement in our daily lives (e.g. going up stairs), in our work, and in our leisure/sports activities (e.g. yoga, hiking, climbing). And so in 2006 I embarked on the formal course of training, from the Basic Certification (completed 2007), through Intermediate Level (completed 2009), to the exigencies of the Advanced Level Diploma (completed 2013). Today I am striving to share this passion with other people, to show that regardless of age or gender any participant can tap into this potential of growth and change; that we can alter and shape our bodies - provided we commit to this path.

As a licensed partner of Spiraldynamik® AG Switzerland, I teach Spiraldynamik® 3D Coordination (Head to Toe), Spiraldynamik® and Jogging, Spiraldynamik® 3D Strength, Spiraldynamik® 3D Powerstretching, Spiraldynamik® and Yoga. I also conduct workshops applying Spiraldynamik® to mountain/indoor climbing.

My classes are straightforward, clear, and precise, always adapted to the capabilities of the participants. I use anatomic models and illustrations to give the appropriate physiological background to the motions we study. To support us in our exploration of movement we will bring in equipment such as Thera-Bands, balls, and weights as needed to provide more clarity to the exercises. My goal is to help students discover durable improvements to their patterns of motion and thus form a healthy foundation for a lifetime of joy in movement. I instruct in German but am able to give support in English if need be.

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Spiraldynamik® 3D Coordination: Free Hips - Stable Pelvis (10-Week Class)
Spiraldynamik® 3D Strength & Flexibility Training
Yoga based on Spiraldynamik®