Erol Can Ün


Since childhood, I have always been occupied with answering philosophical questions such as “What is the meaning of life?”, “How does the universe exist?”, “What is the connection between human beings and nature?”. I have this memory from my teenage years when I was sitting at the front seat of my father’s car and talking to him about a crush I had in high school. Then I remember telling him at some point, “I think we are all connected by energy.” This memory is still very vivid for me because this thinking has shaped my life and helped me live with joy, health and gratitude until now.

After having read many books about Buddhism and Taoism, I landed in meditation and yoga to experience this wisdom hands on. I still study and teach Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong under the wisdom of Grandmaster Hong Thay Lee. Hungry for more, I completed a TCM Therapist training at Shen Men Institute, that enabled me to practice nutrition therapy, Qi Gong and Tuina massage professionally, in addition to a CoActive Coaching training at Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Besides all these, I dance Bachata, do long form improvisation comedy, yoga and work part-time in a tech startup. I also used to sing in a polyphonic choir for 12 years, play violin and take photos with a professional camera. I speak English, German, Turkish and a little bit of Japanese. I am recently practicing Jazz dance, Hip Hop and Acrobatic.

After noticing many parallels between energy work and dancing, I found out that dance is just another channel through which we share the joy of life energy with another being and become one. Besides my Chinese Medicine practice, I also offer special workshops combining energy work and dance to give participants a unique way to connect with themselves and their dance partners.



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Qi Massage with Erol