Liza Bobbato


I believe most people who end up in the Holistic health profession are trying to heal themselves. My still young body was suffering from old injuries when I started yoga seriously in 2007.

My Indian roots didn’t make me any better at the advanced poses and I felt too rational and stressed for meditation.  I continued to practice in a supportive studio environment. In a few weeks, my balance and and overall strength improved. Over the next ten years, yoga enhanced my self -reflection positively. 

In Canada, I owned a studio as well as a yoga retreat house where many remarkable teachers and myself taught a variety of styles and teacher trainings. I am also an enthusiastic Vipassana meditator. Doing yoga postures without meditation is like baking a cake and not tasting it.

I teach Hatha/ Flow and Restorative yoga as well as a course called Yoga 101. My classes are friendly and non-competitive.

I like to connect the links between my training in Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage and pain management to help students live with less discomfort in their body and more flexibility in their mind.  It is meaningful to hear stories of how yoga helps people in their daily lives.

Today, I commit to teaching a class that will make every individual and body type feel accepted.  I encourage my students to know their intention for why they practice yoga.  When I am not making yogis laugh in classes, I also write and perform comedy in Berlin.  





Hatha Restorative Flow Yoga