Detox & Yoga Workshop

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Saturday, September 2nd at 17h. Four-hour workshop, yoga class, and vegan dinner.

Detox and Yoga for beauty and health with Renate Schmitt and Nicole Gütling.

In these times of heightened stresses, Detox and Yoga are more important than ever if you want to stay healthy and fit. Find out how you can cleanse your body and mind with this 5-day Detox program developed by Nicole.

Wholesome, delicious, and nice to your figure and skin, fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs are sources of micronutrients that are easy to obtain locally and to prepare into satisfying meals and smoothies. Renate is a certified nutritional consultant and life coach who has been vegan for over 20 years and has perfected simple yet scrumptious recipes for energizing the body and helping the gut make the most of the bounty received.

Yoga teacher Nicole will teach a class of specially tailored Asanas that help the circulation and promote the function of the organs that take part in the process of detoxification. The exercises act as an inner massage sharpening all the body's defenses, helping to flush the toxins out and boosting the production of happiness hormones.

Participants in the workshop will receive a special detox water, a green smoothie, a folder of recipes for smoothies, soups, and super detox balls, a vegan gluten-free quinoa salad, some fresh detox balls, to be enjoyed in our warm, convivial setting.

The 4-hour workshop is 85€. Register now to receive foreground information and preparatoy tips: