Movement with Anita

Anita Bánhegyi

Mondays 17:15-18:15. English

An entrance into motion. A way to get in touch with your body through movement and find support in yourself .

The class works with several movement techniques and philosophies in order to get acces to the body. Through the proccess we experience inner movements and stuctures, discover connections and as we develope individual tools we bring these motions to expression as free movement, dance form.

This course recommended for people who would like to give some time for themselves, learn basic dance and movement skills, for those who wish to find support inside their own body, for people who would like to devlope a tool which they can translate to several other fields of life.

Spiraldynamik® 3D Strength & Flexibility Training

Andrea Ott

Mondays from 18:30-19:45. This class is mainly in German, but can be followed in English on request.

Ever had a gym membership? Then you've seen the workout style that focuses on strengthening the muscles in your abs, your legs, your arms and your shoulders in order to achieve the desired body shape. By incorporating dynamic mobility into its strength exercises, my 3D Strength and Flexibility course will sustainably enhance your everyday mobility from your head down to your toes. When we reach the limits of what we can do with our body's own weight, I will help you go further with Thera-Bands, small weights, balls, Pilates rollers, massage balls and more. Drawing on the playbooks of Pilates, yoga, and traditional strength training, I combine useful classics with personal variations to keep things rich and fun. I can identify your bad habits and help you overcome them to develop durable mobility improvements.

18€ per single class, 10-er card 162€. To register, Tel.: 0179 / 67 80 715
or Email: