Gentle Morning Flow

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-10:00. English. LAST WEEK: final installment Thursday 28th of March.

Hatha Yoga Yin Restorative with Alexa

Alexandra Stergiopoulou

Sundays, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM, English.

Yoga for Alexa is a way of being.

She vividly recalls unfolding her first mat 10 years ago, and ever since, she has experimented with various styles of yoga:

swasti, hatha, ashtanga, aerial, strala, tantra, Iyengar, yoga-qigong, yin and yogilates. 

As an instructor, Alexa teaches a blend of her own, what she likes to call Fusion Yoga: an improvisation of all styles she loves with a sprinkle of storytelling and a human touch.

Vinyasa Power Flow

Marta Jalkiewicz

Tuesdays 20:00, in English

A class to guide and to inspire you to find your practice that feels good. Marta teaches yoga that stands for connection, mindfulness, integrity & happiness.
In her understanding yoga is for everybody regardless of background, age, strength, flexibility or anything else.

Marta's classes of Vinyasa Power Flow are powerful, challenging, sweaty, accompanied by music, based on clear anatomical alignments and supported by hands-on assists.

All classes include a warm up, strength exercises, stretching and a final (deep) relaxation.

During the classes you practice: mindful yoga, self care and conscious breathing. We flow through the asanas, (re)connect, make space, breath, sweat, laugh and fly together. You cleanse your body and mind, find more balance and positive vibes from within.

Sign up: or +49 172 15 66 256

Yoga based on Spiraldynamik®

Andrea Ott

Thursdays at 18:30. German.

18€ per single class, 10-er card 162€. To register, Tel.: 0179 / 67 80 715
or Email: