Yoga based on Spiraldynamik®

Andrea Ott

Thursdays at 18:30. German.

18€ per single class, 10-er card 162€. To register, Tel.: 0179 / 67 80 715
or Email:

Vinyasa Power Flow

Marta Jalkiewicz

Tuesdays 20:00, in English

A class to guide and to inspire you to find your practice that feels good. Marta teaches yoga that stands for connection, mindfulness, integrity & happiness.
In her understanding yoga is for everybody regardless of background, age, strength, flexibility or anything else.

Marta's classes of Vinyasa Power Flow are powerful, challenging, sweaty, accompanied by music, based on clear anatomical alignments and supported by hands-on assists.

All classes include a warm up, strength exercises, stretching and a final (deep) relaxation.

During the classes you practice: mindful yoga, self care and conscious breathing. We flow through the asanas, (re)connect, make space, breath, sweat, laugh and fly together. You cleanse your body and mind, find more balance and positive vibes from within.

Sign up: or +49 172 15 66 256

challenge your asana - yoga for strong body and mind

Klaudia Ruffini

Thursdays 20:15-21:30 Uhr ==> starting June 7th.

Klaudias classes are testament to how much she has studied the anatomy and function of the human apparatus of motion. Here elemental awareness of physiology, alignment theory and yoga therapy give her the perfect foundation upon which to bring her students to heights of conscious and artful movement.  She nourishes her teaching style with delightful borrowings from dance and choreography to work on a strong body structure and develop stamina and willpower.

challenge your asana and get a new understanding about the ancient healing of yoga!

((Translation in progress))

Kraftvoll und mit Leichtigkeit wird der Körper in den Asanas gefordert, baut Tiefenmuskulatur auf um wie im Tanz mit Kraft und Anmut durch den Asana Flow zu fließen.

Klaudia’s Klassen sind eine Reise durch Hatha, Vinayasa und kräftigenden Elementen von Ashtanga Yoga.

Klaudia is teaching in English and in German as well.     tel. +49 174 239 45 38


Ricardia Bramley

Mondays from 20:00-21:30.

Boys and men, this if for you! YUNGsYOGA means Yoga for men (a little wordplay on the German word for boys: "Jungs"). This is everything you ever wanted to know about Yoga but didn't dare to ask. YUNGsYOGA is for all of those who kinda heard about yoga but really don't get the hype or why this is supposed to be a good thing.

We'll start with the basic poses, jumping right into practice and follow with a few nice breathing exercises which won't just help you alleviate stress symptoms, but prevent them from cropping up in the first place. You can and should ask questions and if you're feeling sceptical, you just ask some more. Yoga is not just for women, athletes, or super-flexible people in India. Yoga doesn't care where you come from, how flexible or spiritual you are. So bring your boys and we'll work on everything else!