Yogilates by Ami Garmon

Ami Garmon

Wednesdays from 19:15-20:30. Ami Garmon and Guest. 79€ for 7 weeks or 16€ drop-in. Starting Aug. 16 till Oct. 18 (extended from initial Sept. 27 end).

Yoga offers above all a means to meet and learn about yourself as you move through asanas, stillness, reflection, awareness, and breath. Ami Garmon has designed her functional Yogilates classes as a way to integrate the Pilates methodology into the practice of Hatha yoga for a more complete system of exercise.

Remedy System Yogilates is designed to fill you in with physical knowledge and skills to work in harmony and understanding of how your mind and body actually work. The material is designed to allow you to safely explore the language and benefits of asana practice. The focus is on freeing and fortifying the spine and integrating the supporting abdominal and chest muscles correctly and consciously as we move into the larger standing, inversions, twists, and extensions that challenge our balance and our minds in gentle playful ways. Deep breathe and restorative postures make this class a complete journey of integration and understanding of the "Rising Abiding Declining" that is the central core of Vinyasa yoga.

Yogilates is open for beginners and serial re-starters.