Qi Gong

Qi Massage with Erol

Erol Can Ün

Tuina is a traditional massage therapy that brings eight extremities (yin-yang, cold-hot, inside-outside, empty-full) into harmony. It combines many hand techniques as well as moxa and fire-cupping applied hands-on on the body. It is an energetic hands-on massage because the masseur has direct influence on how the energy moves and releases in the body.

During a typical Qi Massage session, I use Tuina massage techniques to allow your body to heal itself and also show you some take-away techniques so that you can apply them anytime, anywhere. The session starts with a short anamnesis (only for sessions longer than 30 minutes) to determine your current state of balance, followed by energy and breathing exercises. Based on the outcomes, I select the most suitable massage techniques to guide you into balance, ending the session with nutrition and self-care advice so that you can extend the effects of the massage.

Please note that I use massage only for the purposes of wellness, relaxation and harmony although it is widely used for medical treatment and therapy.