Remedy System Pilates & Bodywork Private Session

Ami Garmon

Guided Private Pilates with myofascial release is one of the best forms of self care, physical development, and coordination you can offer yourself to achieve full-bodied health and well being. Private Remedy System Pilates session with Ami Garmon fill you with great knowledge of how the body actually works and how it helps you move with clarity and precision in your training, your daily life, and your professional life. Everyone with a driver's license should get such lessons.

Remedy System Pilates Duo Session

Ami Garmon

Duo Reformers are a really great way to get quality individualized guidance through the Pilates Method and enjoy the company of someone else suffering next to you.


Ami Garmon

My client care is the core of the Remedy concept and my mission is to help people move and operate in their bodies to their optimal well being and creating the best package to suit their needs and availabilities. Book an appointment with me to find your way to health and mobility.